A note from our CEO



I first started in the spa and wellness industry as a Spa Attendant. I was amazed by the change that happened to guests behind the door of a massage room. People would go in stressed, tense, and come out with a fresh light glowing from within. All stress had been replaced with post-massage bliss.

Then and there, I fell in love with our industry and decided to become a massage therapist. I eventually worked my way up to assistant manager, then manager, and finally, I opened my own spa management company with my business partner. As I grew, I never lost sight of that light.

Working in every aspect of spa operations allowed me to see areas of improvement within the industry.

I realized that static spa menus had little to offer the guests, professionals, and ultimately the facilities. Professionals could not highlight their expertise, and guests were receiving generalized treatments that didnt ultimately resolve their issues, causing stagnation in growth.

Why not flip the script?

With SpaSpace, we have created a three-sided marketplace that connects people and spaces through technology. We have removed the static menu, moving to personalized services for each and every guest.

Our revolutionary software lets the guest tell us what they need and then matches them with the wellness professional best suited for that guest. Our wellness professionals are empowered to use their expertise to create a customized massage for each guest, every time. Using this approach, we have seen a 25% increase in overall guest satisfaction.

Wellness is not one-size-fits-all, and we need to stop seeing it as such. Being able to use their expertise makes our professionals feel engaged and valued. This translates directly into how professionals interact with their guests. It's a ripple effect.

Happy professionals lead to happy guests, which leads to happy managers.

With Spa Space, we’ve created a world that streamlines spa operations and prioritizes personalization. Our technology empowers the freedom to live well. Building trust and fostering relationships through a safe and memorable service is more important now than ever.

Book a service with us at one of our partnered facilities to see the revolution for yourself!

For a limited time, we are gifting each of our guests a one-year complimentary membership to SpaSpace Light, giving them the opportunity to continue their wellness journey outside of the spa.


In health and wellness,
Ilana Alberico
Founder and CEO