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Expert Stylists, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Alternative Health Practitioners and Fitness Professionals come together with Spa Space.

Be Your Own Boss

When joining the wellness industry, you are called to serve. You love helping people become the best versions of themselves through beauty, wellness, fitness, and relaxation services. 

Often you are stuck between two options, renting a suite and opening up your own stand alone business or working for a company that dictates your schedule and services.

Finally, you can have it all. You can be your own boss and work in beautiful vetted facilities on the Spa Space network. The facilities on Spa Space open their spaces up for you to serve your existing clients and take their overflow appointments. 

By joining the Spa Space network you gain visibility to new clients, access to previously hard to access facilities, and an opportunity to earn more money in real time. 

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