Our solution harnesses people and technology in a full operations platform to meet your business needs.

Our Platform is Available in Three Components to Drive Your Facilities Success

Spa Space is a membership-based booking and scheduling software system that serves Spa Professionals, Clients, and Facilities. Spa Space’s software system has a patent-pending algorithm that matches a client’s specific needs and preferences to an expert Professional.

Marketplace Solution

Full Support with Staff Recruitment, Daily Staffing, Quality Assurance, Guest Scheduling and Reservations, Inventory, POS, Contractor Payments and Compensation, Weekly Reporting, and More.

Automated Verification Services

Monthly License and Insurance Verification, Ongoing Background Checks for Providers, and Highly Vetted Quality Assurance Procedures.

Combined Workforce Services

Access to Our Real-Time Spa Space Contractor Professional Network, Contactless Check In and Out, and Increased Guest Availability.

Optimize Your Facility

Our real-time staffing and services based on personalization give you operational efficiencies.

  • Gain Access to Our Expert Licensed and Thoroughly Vetted Professionals
  • Experience Online Real-Time Reservations Filled with our Network Allowing Guests to Book via App Phone or Front Desk.
  • Control Your Facilities Reservations Through One Interface 
  • Increase Your Staffing Levels and Booking Availability to Drive More Revenue
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Facility Partner Benefits

As a Spa Space partner, you have peace of mind that your spa department operates effectively nad provides memorable guest experiences.

With Locations Nationwide

Supporting Salons, Spas, Barbers, Fitness Studios, and More

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Trusted by the Biggest Wellness Brands

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