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Let’s Grow Together!

We are a mission and values-led organization. Our bedrock is our people.

Take a look at what we are doing and if you want to be part of an extraordinary journey, then reach out! We would love to talk with you!


Vision, Mission, and Values

It's our vision is to empower the freedom to live well. 

Will will achieve this through our mission to connect people and spaces through technology.

Our values are not just words on paper, we live them every day and that is evidenced through our actions.    

We collaborate, communicate openly, fail fast so we can learn fast, act with integrity always and finally we deliver on our promises.

Our Culture

Our employees are “all-in,” and that lives in our culture. We operate without boundaries and fiercely protect our collaborative culture. Everyone has a voice. Each employee knows what winning looks like for SpaSpace, they know their part, and they are equipped to make critical impact to our mission.


We're always looking for talent!

We seek people who want to do their best work, be challenged, express vulnerability, and rise to the occasion.

Our people span the globe, and we work in a 100% remote environment.

Come join us!  Our typical employees have a combination of skills, including:

  • A strong background in the entrepreneurial SaaS-based B2B and B2C space
  • A high degree of traditional and emotional intelligence
  • A willingness to embrace an “all-in” culture and a fearlessness to try creative ideas in pursuit of our mission
  • Technical backgrounds in UI/UX, Front End, Back End, and Full Stack Development in an Azure Based environment using SQL databases and C#
  • Business Management background with demonstrated experience in sales and marketing, business development, client success, human resources, and finance.

If you have interest in exploring a journey with SpaSpace, please submit your resume to

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Hear from Our Professionals

I love the freedom and trust to suggest and experiment with different solutions to problems. The design discussions allow the UI/UX, development, and management teams to huddle and find new ways to improve the user experience. I always feel that my input is welcome and appreciated.

- Ian Harvey

Senior Software Engineer

What do I love about working with Spa Space? Clear communication, team coordination, appreciative culture, and timely response.

- Lavina Chhabra

Product Designer

I love the real time payments and the empowerment I have using Spa Space. The app is really easy to use and I make great money.

Daniel McCurry

Licensed Massage Therapist