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Control your schedule

Set your hours and availability from your phone! Control when and how often you work.

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Connect with your dream Facility 

Find your ideal partner and start your journey!

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Get paid in days, not weeks

Connect securely to Stripe for instant access to your earnings.

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Travel light

Just bring yourself—all equipment, product, and PPE will be waiting for you at the facility.

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Market your specialties

We’ve tossed out the old menus. Your unique modalities are finally the star.

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Work safely and securely

All Facility Partners follow CDC guidelines.

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Tax benefits

Get discounts on tax services, access to education and expert advise on how to maximize your contract status.

Watch an intro of our tax partners
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No overhead costs

No booth rentals or any other product costs.

The Process

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Send us your details.
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Get your insurance & certifications verified.
Match up with your dream facility.
Perform an in-person practical.
Open your availability and start earning.
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Hear from Our Professionals

I enjoy working with Spa Space for many reasons, including that they work with my schedule and I get paid within two days. I love that I am empowered to provide a massage to treat each guest's individual health/muscular needs and contraindications. All supplies are provided for me and are good brands of products. I also love that everything is cleaned and changed between clients for me. Spa Space does all the booking so I just show up for my appointments. It's a great company to be a part of!

— Danielle Angel, R+R Wellness Nashville

The pay through Spa Space is better, and the pay structure is too! I love the ability to change my schedule on the fly if need be. Not having to find someone to cover my shift is a relief! I appreciate the flexibility of my schedule. Being able to create my own schedule allows a level of control over my time that I didn't have before.

— Bethany Skipper, Poseidon Spa JW Marriott Savannah

It is difficult being a male therapist in the massage industry. I will always be grateful to Staci at the Poseidon Spa for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. It really was life changing.

— Joseph Misasi, Poseidon Spa St. Augustine

Be Your Boss

Spa Space was built by a former massage therapist and spa operator to solve challenges for professionals and celebrate the diversity of expertise. It is a platform that handles reservations, payments, compensation payouts, ratings, licenses, and professional services. It has a uniquely designed algorithm that matches a guest’s specific needs to an expertly trained Professionals.

Utilizing Spa Space’s scheduling software, our Professionals control their schedule by opening up availability at locations of your choice. This allows the flexibility to work where you want when you want.

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Wait, There’s More!

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Get paid in days

No more waiting for payroll because you will get paid after each service you provide.

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Partners + discount

Get discounts at multiple locations on partnership.

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Holiday pay

Get increased commission on holidays while you work with us

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eM Life

Cater to your mindful needs as you get access to our E-mindful content.

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How do I start?

Collect copies of your license, certification, and proof of insurance and go to Learn more

Is there an application fee?

The application fee has been waived through Spring 2022. The application fee is normally $35. To ensure safety, compliance, and quality assurance for guests and facility partners, we thoroughly vet each Professional.

What is the cancellation policy for my subscription membership?

Please refer to our Terms of Use. Before canceling, it is important to reschedule all upcoming appointments on your schedule. Spa Space will not allow you to cancel with remaining upcoming appointments at time of cancellation.

How much will I get paid on Spa Space?

Spa Space pays a competitive percentage based commission on all services. All services also include an 18% automatic gratuity, with the ability for guests to leave more gratuity at their discretion.

For example, a Stylist, who works 36 hours a week, has 8 years experience, and 8 CEUs, and charges $100 for a haircut, makes $60 on that $100 haircut.

What is liability insurance and why do I need it?

You can easily set up liability insurance through Spa Space's partner, Massage Magazine Insurance (NACAMS) at a discounted rate. Our partner also provides Health Benefits and a plethora of other benefits. Learn more

How do I get paid in real time?

You can connect your Stripe account by navigating to the Transactions page and clicking Connect Stripe Account. Learn more

How much is the membership?

The monthly membership subscription is currently free! Spa Space only charges a 2.5% transaction fee on your direct payments that covers Spa Space direct payment costs.

For example, if you perform a service and earn $84, Spa Space remits to you $77.90.

There is no product charge, no linen charge, no booth charge, no rent charge.

What do you pay pros on holidays?

We understand that holidays can be a challenge. We have BONUS DAYS throughout the year where we pay an increased commission, so you can make the most of your Holiday schedule!

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Services + Standards

Spa Space Services Standards

We’ve said goodbye to confusing menus, so you can share your specialized skills and take care of your guests. We want to keep our service standards to curate guest experiences that are sure to elevate your reviews.

  • Set the tone. Pleasantly welcome your guest.
  • Personalize the experience. Ask questions. Utilize your expertise.
  • Attention to detail. Physically present, clean, and tidy. Double check appointment notes.
  • Conscious consideration. Arrive early to be on time. Plan ahead.
  • Exceed expectations. Arrive early, be on time, plan ahead, and be familiar with all facility protocols.
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Liability insurance allows you to protect your career and business and gives you peace of mind. Meeting Spa Space's minimum insurance requires $3 million annual, $2 million per occurrence. Spa Space has partnered with NACAMS to provide Pros with discounted rates. Learn more and get covered immediately.Know More

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Privai Skin & Bodycare

SPA SPACE proudly partners with botanically based, naturally inspired, results-driven skincare Privai. Experience the power of Privai. Click to learn more about the products, ingredients, and best practice video tutorials.

Learn More

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Contact Us

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We're here to answer questions on your application or assist with any referrals!

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We can provide technical support, assist with guest issues, and answer any questions regarding billing or payments!

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Refer a Facility

LOVE the Facility? Refer someone with us and earn rewards.

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Refer a Guest

It’s no secret. We LOVE your referrals!  The greatest compliment we could receive is a referral from one of our beloved guests. Our vision is that our guest takes their great experience back to others and pass on the Spa Space experience.

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